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DBStory Decoden Cafe @ Hongdae

Hey guys! I will eventually run out of Korean cafe posts to do, but I still have a few left to share with you. Today I will be talking about the DBStory Decoden Cafe in Hongdae. They offer a wide variety of things to decorate your cellphone cases, or anything else you bring. All you have to do is pay…

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Cafe La Douce @ Hapjeong

Hello everyone! I have so much going on that I’ve been having a terrible time concentrating but decided to finally get this post out that I’ve had photos for since May OF LAST YEAR! A tour of one of the cutest cafes in Hapjeong – Cafe La Douce!

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Blind Alley – Raccoon Cafe @ Sookmyung University

A few months ago I took a trip to Sookmyung University area to visit a friend, and we decided to pop into this little cafe near the campus. Blind Alley is known for one reason – raccoons! They keep two raccoons in an enclosure inside the cafe, where you are able to go in and visit them. Stick around if you…

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